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by Quicksand

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Brian Stanley
Brian Stanley thumbnail
Brian Stanley A perfect place to blast those cobwebs away, forget the exterior. Favorite track: Cosmonauts.
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight Post hardcore legends make the best comeback album I've ever heard! Been following Quicksand since day one and they've been my fave band since EVER, amazing band that just write the best songs and Walter's voice is just sublime and beautiful. Interiors is such a kick ass and beautiful record. Favorite track: Warm And Low.
Mathias Palmberg
Mathias Palmberg thumbnail
Mathias Palmberg As "comeback" albums go this one is a doozy. All that you´d expect from the band is still intact but the sound is also more nuanced, spacey and dare I say progressive. Schreifels still sounds as he did back in the day and the band really play like they never disbanded at all. Favorite track: Cosmonauts.
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Illuminant 03:53
in our time, oh you never know for sure while you follow the people who really got nothing on you why do they make you feel small? anyway, in silence it’s alright, you can be the beautiful one shine a light on broken signs between language and thought holding onto fictions you want to believe or an ignorant bliss to set you free when’s it’s gone it’s gone for you like all of us want to belong here like anyone wants to belong here how does the light get in how the light gets in? hope you work it on out
in my mind… sense and nonsense hold a place in my heart hey! I am not a game second try absolutes hey look who’s talking?! the one last seen looking good hold the line would it hurt to look out for each-other? no divide i can’t help it i have a very fatalistic mind never mind identity it bounces off you and sticks to me hey! feeling good hold the line we’ve got to look out for each other no divide i can’t help it i have a very fatalistic mind
Warm And Low 03:48
warm and low, stole from thieves confusion so down with these selected friends sworn enemies tell me what you need breathless second sight in an abstract mode see how it reads more high than it shows exorcise and better clothes tell me what you know sunlight ready keep me warm and low an invisible thing to contemplate pushed us too far behind the gates with too much love to ever recreate sunlight ready keep me warm and low out of sight
> 00:47
Cosmonauts 04:08
draw the line in a spiral it won't be long before you call to go through these lack of certainties still acting like you know something that you don't in the light where you are it's alright where you are compromising to follow to it’s natural end still close enough to feel the blame how long can I stay? before we disintegrate in the light where you are it’s alright where you are
Interiors 04:58
turn it around, unfix the fix you’ve already made too many promises to keep on like this everyday you’re shot like a stranger to the earth the big secret of dealing with people that you’re just sick of refrain, reframe
Hyperion 04:34
all your tears have fallen down by love exploding jealousy’s erupted you won’t drown I know it it’s like woe, cold betrayal makes me feel so unstable hard to read encrypted carry on unscripted flown away like sunshine shot through a hurricane all your tears have fallen carry on unbroken jealousy as you wanted to hold on to someone else flown away
its a lie kept inside It’s a chance we take going clear in the now and the here, ready? see how you feel in the morning overslept, what’d you expect? it came without a warning it’s a ride, it’s arrived fire this time do what you like all day petrified, catch your flight before it flies away why so tense up on the fence shock your heart back in it it’s a ride, it’s on fire there’s no other way to spin it it’s alright, look inside fire this time
watching now i see more frequent warning signs everybody's talking about the end paranoid self-employed working man blood moon is closing in fast and it feels like a weight has been lifted oh what are the odds? with your head in the clouds loves lost, misplaced and loves found oh great, move on to business what you say? new phone, who is this? and it feels like a weight has been lifted
>> 01:36
Sick Mind 03:13
allied in your lie for the last time i am a light in your life when you fall again for betraying your friends you’ll say it was all out of my hands but that was always your plan sick mind disastrous kind you’re gonna need help to fix your treacherous self both loved and despised you got a sick mind
Normal Love 04:16
incitement to excitement go outside get where you're invited pass the pain and see the future find your trouble, whatever suits ya we like to stay out late a reoccurring state poison arrows in a rush for the gallows and away from all suns I should have seen that coming from miles away you don’t know what it’s like it’s just your life run of the mill underfed and over schooled pass the pain and see the future find your trouble I should have seen that coming from miles away you don’t know what it’s like it’s just your life


released November 10, 2017

All Songs Cage, Schreifels, and Vega (Triptych Continuum/ASCAP)

Produced and Engineered by Will Yip
Recorded at Studio 4 Recording, Conshohocken, PA
Assistant engineers: Justin Anstotz and Jay Preston

Mixed by Will Yip and Vince Ratti at Studio 4 Recording, Conshohocken, PA

Mastered by Ryan smith at Sterling Sound, NYC

Artwork by Amy Grantham @woodstockings
Layout by Jason Link

Management: Graham Martin for PMM, Inc
Agent for the Americas: Robby Fraser for WME
Agent for the ROW: Steve Strange for X-Ray Touring
Legal: Jeff Leven for Davis Shapiro Lewit Grabel Leven Granderson & Blake, LLP
Business Management: Shannon Kimball for Padell Business Management

Quicksand is Alan Cage, Walter Schreifels, Sergio Vega and Tom Capone


all rights reserved



Quicksand New York, New York

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